If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.

that’s the truth right here.


After reading that ISIS wants to invade Russia

you gotta know some history to get this

The clearest explanation on “Be water” I’ve ever seen

There are always ways to get yourself out, in a tactical sense, but the wisest course is to become a strategist in the Sun-tzu sense of the term. What matters in the Sun-tzu universe are not positions of strength and power, but situations in which you have options, full of potential force. It is a different way of thinking than what we are used to, particularly in the west, in which so much revolves around moving towards a goal. That is linear thinking. What you want is to aim for something that increases your options for power and mobility. This is more like a soft and radiant position, than something hard and dug into the ground.

Robert Greene is, indeed, a genius.

Don’t concede too much ground in your relationships

… otherwise, you’ll be trapped with your back to a precipice.

You start out in a relationship in which the other person has a problem with one aspect of your personality and they criticize you again and again. You learn to retreat because in general the relationship is good and fighting over something relatively minor does not seem worth it. This goes on for months or years and you end up retreating on other issues to avoid ugly conflicts, and you find yourself…in a corner. If you try to break out, it is equated with breaking up. You cannot leave yet you feel trapped in staying. This is a corner, and also a stalemate. The pieces no longer move.

Robert Greene’s on Corners

that’s evil


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Freud and the Erfolgsangst

Joe Rogan: I find that a lot of people enjoy the relationship struggle because it distracts them from their own lives. It distracts them from their shortcomings, and achieving their goals. They put up obstacles almost on purpose, they create these inner, personal relationships that are gonna ensure conflict so they don’t have to deal with success, so they don’t have to deal with, so that they have like a built-in excuse for failure. That’s very common.

Robert Greene: Freud called that Erfolgsangst, basically, fear of success. […] It’s one of the main points in Mastery about… Mastery is basically a book I’m trying to get away from all the political stuff I’ve described in my previous books and here I’m gonna show you how we humans can attain excellence in this world, how we can be really the best at what we do, because I think that’s the highest form of power we humans can reach. When we’re so good at what we do that all the political games of the world can top us from where we are. And what holds a lot of people back is that they’re really self-sabotagging, they’re find all kinds of excuses why they can’t go through this process. They believe in the myth the people are born talented or geniuses or simply born that way, or that they didn’t get to go to the right school, or that their parents were mean to them or yadda yadda. They get involve in drama games that so fill up their minds so they can’t think of anything else.

Aula da saudade, a premiação que recebi descreve bem minha vida na faculdade.

"Aquele que sempre chegava na véspera das provas querendo saber qual conteúdo seria cobrado… Paulo!"

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Os exercícios propostos pelo Aprendizado Acelerado fazem bem ao seu cérebro e a sua memória. Graças a nova frequência de estudos você terá uma melhor fixação no seu dia a dia. Aproveite!

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